Seven species of native bulls and cows, nine breeds of sheep and goats and chicken varieties will be on display on the YMCA grounds in Perungudi here on January 6 and 7.

The display is part of an event jointly organised by Ngos like sembulam, farmers, researchers and cattle breeders to highlight the importance and diversity of livestock in Tamil Nadu, said Raja Marthandan, one of the organisers.

More than 30 breeds of cattle and over 100 horses, buffaloes, dogs and roosters will be on display.

Apart from the display of cattle, a food festival will also be organised on the occasion. Chefs will explain on how to make dishes by using millets. A cookery competition will be part of the event.

Organisers said the event is expected to attract a lot of children and adults. Entry is free for children aged up to 5 years. Others have to pay an entry fee of Rs 50.



source : indiatimes/FB page: Raj Mohan & Sembulam



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