Zebu (or) Bos indicus:

Bos indicus domestic cattle are originated in south Asia, these breeds have their hump on their shoulders and a large dewlap.

India believed to be the center origin of zebu cattle, Later it may spread to Africa and South east Asia, genetics syudy reveles that the existing modern zebu cattles are derived from a single breed -Indian aurochs,

Other Names : zebu, Bos primigenius indicus, Bos indicus, Bos taurus indicus, indicine cattle or humped cattle.

List of  Bos Indicus breed ( zebu)

    • 11. Dajal breed

    • 12. Dhanni breed

    • 13. Fulani Sudanese breed

    • 14. Gir breed

    • 15. Gobra breed

    • 16. Gudali breed

    • 17. Guzerat breed

    • 18. Halikar breed

    • 19. Hariana breed

    • 20. Horro breed



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