• Ponwar is an indigenous cattle breed of India. It is known to be originated at Ponwar in Puranpur Taluk in Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh state and the breed is named after the same place.
  • The cattle are also restricted to the small geographic area adjoining Ponwar.
  • The cattle are known to be very active and are of fiery disposition.
  • They exhibit dual colored complexion of black and white. It is a draught breed and is mainly used for cart pulling.
  • There is no particular pattern but black and white patches are intermixed.
  • They possess medium-sized horns, which generally emerge outward, upward and then curve inward with pointed tips.
  • They move in groups putting their heads down in between each other which is a peculiar behavior that has emerged due to fear from predators.
  •  Females are generally not milked and calves are allowed to suckle the milk.

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