Most 10 Popular British Cattle Breed:

1. Aberdeen Angus :


Aberdeen Angus

Well built black Aberdeen Angus

  • The Aberdeen Angus breed generally know as Angus globally, The derives from the geographical location Aberdeenshire and Angus in north eastern Scotland
  • Aberdeen Angus is naturally polled (without horns) cattle.
  • The native colour of such breed is solid black, later red colour cattle emerged.
  • Due to their native environment, these cattle are very hard and can withstand and survive the harsh Scottish winter, snow fall and storms

2. Belted Galloway :

The Belted Galloway gazing in the Greed field

3. British White :


British White (image source :


4. English Longhorn :

With 11 animals, Conner Prairie now has the second-largest herd of English longhorn in the U.S. (Photo: Emily Nyman/Conner Prairie) source :

5. Hereford :



Hereford herd : image credit

6. Highland :

image source: Highland cattle breed

7. South Devon :



South Devon breed cattle (image source :

8. Red Poll :

image credit :,  Red poll cattle breed.

9. White Park :

white park breed cattle

10. Ayrshire

Ayrshire cattle breed (image source : )



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