The majestic bull had been victorious in many a jallikattu


The majestic bull of ‘Rettamalai Ondikaruppu’ Temple in Tiruchi, which remained unconquered in many a jallikattu, is no more.

The 22-year-old giant bull christened, “Ondikaruppu,” which had taken part in over 100 jallikattu, held across the State had a peaceful end on Monday morning within the temple premises due to age-related problems.

Belonging to the ‘Pulikulam’ breed – a native species, the bull was purchased for the ‘Rettaimalai Ondikaruppu’ Temple in 2006 from Karaiyur village in Sivaganga district when it was nearly 10 years old.

“ Ever since the bull was attached to the Rettaimalai temple, it was provided with a separate shed adjoining the shrine and a caretaker since then,” said T. Ondiraj, a jallikattu enthusiast of Tiruchi. Locals and other donors bore the expenditure for the maintenance of the bull, said Rajesh, State president of the Veera Vilayattu Meetpu Kazhagam.

The last time the bull had taken part in the traditional sport was at Navalpattu near Tiruchi a few months ago.

Upon completion of rituals, the bull was buried a few distance from the shrine by the locals.

Credits : The hindu



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