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Richmond (US): Tamilians were gathered in support of Jallikattu in Virginia, Richmond.  Other people belonging to Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh also joined their hands with them.

The social activist Kavita pandyan, who is actively persuading people in support of Jallikattu in US, had arranged this meeting.

The meeting was held at the auditorium of Richmond Deep Run Park. About 100 people gathered in the auditorium, chanting slogans in support of Jallikattu.

Other then Jallikattu issue, gathered Tamilians created awareness regarding traditional native sports of same kind known by distinct names in states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Punjab which have been banned.

Such native cattle are becoming extinct in their respective states. Thus it was emphasised that, to safeguard the existing ones, it’s important to demolish the current law of the central government in regards with Jallikattu.

Understanding the importance, the people belonging to neighbour states promised to spread awareness and provide required aids on the same.

Signatures of more than 3700 people in US was presented to the Prime Minister. The petition was submitted to the Indian Embassy in Washington, DC


Subsequently, the World Tamil organisation organised multi-channel telecommunication conference with the Jallikattu militant Karthikeya civacenapati. More than one hundred and fifty people participated via telephone.

Karthikeya sivasenapathy, explained the nuances of Jallikattu with the reference of ‘sindhu samaveli’ historical symbols (Indus valley civilization). He elucidated about the extinction of native cattle and insisted the need of protecting the endangered species.

According to the principles 1, 2, 3, of Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) which was created on the exhortations of the League of Nations, the farmers who are protecting the livestock, are the right people to promote the traditional cattle breed and maintain their natural cycle properly. India is a signatory country for such Convention.

Jallikattu is typically practised for thousands of years for traditional cattle breeding. He also mentioned they all belong to those sons of the soil, living generations after generations from thousands of years.

Vice Chairman of the World Tamil organisation Mr.Ravikumar made preparations for the event and introduced Karthikeya sivasenapathy. Kannan, the member of the organisation welcomed everyone. Vote of thanks was given by Tanikumar cheran.

jallikattu in united states of america


The New York Stock Exchange, near the bull….

In New York, on Friday afternoon at around 1 pm, an attention-grabbing event was held by various Tamil organisations focusing Jallikattu. More than 50 Tamilians gathered near the stock exchange, at the statue of bull.

Jallikattu is not something that happens somewhere in a village. It is the traditional rights of the Tamil people as a whole. The event organiser Sasikumar said, this program was conducted to emphasise and portray the overall support of Tamilians living in village, town, outside state and country.

Despite the severe cold, many Americans who went through the way stopped probing the massive accumulated Tamilians. Many of them expressed their support and congratulated on the same.

Many supporters from US have begun to express themselves in the public by sending petition to the prime minister, conducting seminars and awareness programs, attention grabbing events. Looks like it is growing as a movement in USA.

-Archana Thumati Chandrasekaran

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Rosaline · January 17, 2017 at 2:22 am

Love this movement

Vivek sanjay · February 4, 2017 at 11:58 am

We are part of it.

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