This vechur cattle breed named after the village vechur in Kerala. According to Guinness book of records, this is the smallest cattle breed in the world.

Body: Vechur is the smallest cattle breed in the world.

Body colour: Vechur cattle will be in different colours.

Horns: Both cows and bulls have horns which are small and curved backwards.

vechur cattle breed

Image Source : HANS INDIA

Production traits: Yield of 3 litres of milk per day. Proportionate to its body weight, the Vechur cow yields maximum milk in the world.

Ability as draught purpose: These lightweight animals were used for ploughing marshy paddy fields typical of Kerala.

Anything else: High disease resistant and lovable nature of the cute animals made the Vechur cattle the darling of many a household for the last several centuries.

Shortest cow in the world: Guinness World Record

Guinness Record Link

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