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Indigenous cattle breed for sale :

Our Team is working very close with the cattle owners for your indigenous breed cattle requirement.

Native breed cattle.

For More information and purchase on different indigenous breeds

Alambadi Cattle | Amrit Mahal Cattle | Bachaur cattle | Bargur Cattle | Gir Breed

Kasaragod Dwarf Cattle | Kherigarh Cattle | Krishna Valley cattle | Malnad Gidda Cattle

Mewati Breed | Ongole breed cattle | Ponwar Breed | Pulikulam Cattle

Umblachery Cattle | Vechur Cattle Breed

Native Dog breed.

For More information on Indian native dog breeds.

Banjara Greyhound | bully kutta mastiff  | Chippiparai Hound | Gaddi Kutta mastiff

Indian Spitz | jonangi breed | kanni hound dog  | Kombai/Combai hound dog  | Mudhol Hound

Pandikona Hound | Rajapalayam Hound  | Rampur Hound

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